The Principles of Marketing

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You will leave this course with all the tools and knowledge you need to become a more proactive player in your marketplace. This is an ideal basic course for those with little experience in markteting.

You will gain a thorough understanding of marketing and the terminology used, examine the principles of marketing, consider their application in a variety of business situations and learn how to apply those principles to your own organisation.


Using a variety of situations, the course will use a mixture of theoretical input, examples and group exercises and discussions.



- How to increase market share and profit

- What marketing is

- An understanding of marketing terminology

- An appreciation of the principles of marketing management

- The difference between consumer and business-to-business marketing

- How to understand your customers and their behaviour

- How to meet your customers' needs by managing the marketing mix


People with marketing responsibilities but without much experience, formal training or qualifications in marketing.


Duration and location
This course is a On-Site company course. Duration, time, location and programme to be agreed upon with you.


Number and price
Maximum 32 participants. 

The price depends on the agreed programme. 

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