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Convincing Presentation Techniques

How to prepare and deliver a presentation that will be heard and remembered

Presentation Techniques are not only about delivering a message. If you want to convince others of your ideas, your projects or to buy your products, you need to construct your presentation, so that you build credibility, appear convincing and are worth remembering.

Consultative Selling

Make Major Sales
This course will provide participants with the skills required to become successful in Consultative Selling. Participants will discover how to make the switch from selling products to selling solutions, maximise the value of your individual client relationships and build rapport and trust by adapting your personal style to suit each client.

Negotiation & Negotiating Skills

Learn new and more effective tactics for negotiation
Doing business requires many skills, but to achieve truly profitable results you must master the demanding skills of negotiation. In business you don't necessarily get what you deserve, you get what you are capable of negotiating.

The Principles of Marketing

Keep an eye on your development - Others do!

You will leave this course with all the tools and knowledge you need to become a more proactive player in your marketplace. This is an ideal basic course for those with little experience in markteting.

Competitive Customer Service

Customer Service
Everyone has heard of it and many people are involved in providing it. But what is it, and why is it so important? This course aims to explain why it is an essential part of most people's jobs, and how it can positively effect the success of your organisation.

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