Convincing Presentation Techniques

How to prepare and deliver a presentation that will be heard and remembered

Presentation Techniques are not only about delivering a message. If you want to convince others of your ideas, your projects or to buy your products, you need to construct your presentation, so that you build credibility, appear convincing and are worth remembering.

Get tools, training and feedback that equip you to stand up in front of an audience when you present a topic. You will gain increased power and higher impact as you learn how to prepare yourself based on simple frameworks that will enable you to deliver your presentations with more confidence.

                                        You are at the centre of the stage, and there is much focus on you

At presentations, at project meetings, sales meetings, department meetings, board meetings etc. In situations that only gives you a few minutes to inform and get through with a brief and clear message.

The course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn the basic methods for preparing, constructing and deliver a presentation. The methods practiced on the course will give you an effective start to become a good communicator when you deliver presentations.

Both less experienced communicators and those who have tried to make presentations a few times will continue to improve on the course. The evaluations show that both groups mentioned obtain good results next time they deliver a presentation.

Your benefit
During the two days of the course, you will realize that it is much simpler than you thought.

The success is achieved through techniques that help you prepare, construct and deliver good, effective presentations that are high above average.

You know about average presentations. You have listened too many of them. These have a common, boring method that presents a lot of irrelevant information with too many slides in an uncommitted way to an audience that is pretending to be listening.


                  This is where you will learn what works, so that your presentations will begin to make a difference


At the course you will learn

To prepare, construct and deliver good presentations that are high above average

To organize the material of your topic, so you catch the attention of the audience

To reduce your time for preparation

To use PowerPoint slides and other communication aid in the most effective way

To focus on your voice: Is it powerful enough? Are you speakning to fast or to slowly?

Should you have more pauses?

To work with your body language, and what to do with your hands

To decrease your anxiety

To use the right arguments and information to make yourself heard

Your Company's benefit
After the course, your company will have an employee who can present and inform about various subjects with greater courage and confidence, If you are responsible for e.g. projects or sales, you will become better at captivating your colleagues or customers attention, who in return, should have better projects or increased sales and more satisfied colleagues or customers.

Teaching method
You will practice the techniques through various exercises that will be recorded on a SD-Card. Watching yourself on the film, will give you the best learning opportunity on how to further develop your personal style. You will be asked to prepare the first presentation before the course and you will prepare the rest of the presentations during the course.

Personal feedback
You will get plenty of personal feedback and guidance from the facilitator and a lot of good advice from the other participants, so you can work on becoming more confident making presentations.

You will learn how your way of presenting and communication is perceived by others. You will thus know what to do – and not to do – the next time you are standing in front of an audience.

On "Convincing Presentation Techniques" you will meet Senior Adviser Jan Rommerdahl.

He is a very qualified facilitator who has taught on our courses for several years. He has great experience in teaching presentation techniques with a fine variation in his teaching.

Jan Rommerdahl demonstrates great responsiveness and provides plenty of constructive and useful feedback. He creates an informal atmosphere – and thus the perfect framework for teaching presentational techniques.

Time and location
This course is a 2 days On-Site company course. 

Time, location and programme will be agreed upon together with you.

Number of participants and price

The price and the number of participants depends on the agreed programme for your course.

For more information
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